Paradocs Properties selects homes for renewal that are in need of special care but have the potential to make great homes. We do not "flip" homes. To us, that moniker insinuates that the shortest route has been taken to make a property "look" good. We will not renew a home if we cannot bring it up to the quality we would expect in our own home. We treat each one like we are planning to live there. Due to our philosophy, we do not make as much on these homes. Profit is necessary to stay in business but it is not our primary goal. We want to renew homes that will be loved by their future owners and be places where individuals and families will enjoy living and make lifetime happy memories.

If you are selling the family home and need to move it "as is," please contact us first as it will save you commissions and most closing costs. We can usually offer a quick close. Contact Patrick or Maryann for more information and assistance. We will treat your family home with great care as we renew it for the next generation!

Here are a some pictures of a recent Paradocs Properties home renewal:


 Hilliard Renewed home front


Living  Room

Hilliard Living Room



Hilliard Sun Room



Hilliard Dining and Kitchen


Kitchen 2

Hilliard Kitchen



Hilliard Downstairs Bath


Master BR

Hilliard Master Bed Room


Master Bath

Hilliard Master Bath 2


Master Closet

Hilliiard Master Closet



Hilliard Loft